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Our dedicated team takes care of your residential or commercial roof with the utmost care to maximize its lifespan..

Whether it is to monitor the condition of drains, joints or the appearance of cracks on a flat roof or to replace damaged shingles on your sloped roof, good preventive maintenance can considerably increase its lifespan and you avoid a lot of inconvenience. Contact one of our specialists to find out the recommended maintenance for your type of roof.

Annual maintenance plan for your roof

As the season draws to a close, don't forget your subscription to the annual maintenance plan, to prevent bad situations during the winter.
Inspection Toiture
  • Infrared Scan
  • Heat Loss Analysis
  • Possible water leak
  • Storm Drain Inspection
  • Parapet Inspection
  • Inspection Dryer outlet
  • Plumbing Vent Inspection

Snow and ice removal service offered on all types of roofing.

The accumulation of snow and ice is a problem that reduces the life of many roofs in Quebec.

Did you know that one cubic meter of ice equals


Avoid accumulating tons of weight on your roof and contact us to resolve the situation.

Déneigement toiture

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